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Star Lusts

StarLusts is a bullet hell-style shoot ‘em up game which fuses sci-fi, mecha, and anthropomorphic themes. Players take on the role of Captain of an Earth Federation ship and lead a team of mecha-enhanced Cadettes through the boundlessness of space on a mission to confront hostile alien forces that threaten the human race, and capture ancient beauties awakened from a rift in the universe, known as Mimics.​

When humanity as we know it is facing extermination from hostile alien civilizations...
The Earth Federation needs a hero like you for a Captain capable of saving mankind!
The perks of the job include your pick of the cuties riding with your spaceship, too?!
Grab yourself some beautiful alien babes whenever the feeling takes you, and put several millennia of wisdom to use while you discipline these monster girls in the profound ways of human sexuality!

Face off against a stream of enemy forces and weave through a hail of bullets with intuitive and thrilling shoot 'em up gameplay. Deploy your girls' exclusive skills to wipe out the competition with a single blow!

Game Environment
Recommended Specs (Android) : Android 9 or above
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