Rise of Eros First Impression GUIDE

As of now I am level 18 and have cleared some of the level 30 resource stages and up to chapter 4-9 on normal. This is done without spending any money so suffering major stamina issues right now.

First of all when clearing normal stages, it is important you get all stars on your first clear since reclearing normal stages is a waste of stamina. you do not lose stamina from stages you retreat or from losing.

Since character level cap is tied to your account level you will need to start doing other stages once you start getting gatted at around early chapter 2. Resource stages will generally be more useful overall to do starting with all the one that have a daily entry limit on them. Gold seems to be most important resource in the early game. Hard mode stages provides higher rarity gear and some gold as well. Account exp seems to always be based on 4x the amount of stamina you used so you shouldn't worry about doing the most exp efficent stage.

The gearing system is pretty similar to most rpg gacha with random rolls, set bonus etc etc. It is recommended to focus all your best gear onto your main damage dealer. I ended up enhacing purple rarity t1 gear and just putting all the enhance gear onto my damage dealer. It should be all attack set btw since the set bonus scales up exponentially. Rest of the characters can just use unenhanced 6 set of defence set to conserve resources. you start getting t2 gear at chapter 4 normal and chapter 3 hard. I assume t3 is avaiable later as well. You should clear to chapter 3 hard since hard difficulty give higher rarity gear and as I said earlier, redoing normal stages is a waste of stamina. Hard difficulty also doesn't have those elite stages which are much higher on the difficulty curve relative to level.

For team building I used Inase as my main damage dealer. She ended being way more useful then Eileen. I regret even wasting gold and exp on her. All she does is mediocre AoE damage with 0 additional effects. Most stages only have 3 enemies and sometimes even 2. My team is currently Eileen (mage one), SR Inase, SSR Alana, SSR Cartilla. (yes I got pretty lucky) Eileen hasn't been switch out yet because of the gold cost of enhancing a new character. Most of the character are there just to soak damage until Inase can kill everything. Everything so far you just need to clear once and after can just use skip tickets, keep repeating the stage for better rng if you're close.

SSR Cartilla seems to be a very good tank/ damage sponge and Alana provides barrier while I lack a healer. Healer Eileen Seems very good and might be the optimal reroll unit as it seems to be the most lacking role since you don't get a healer at all. the only healer character I got was emu which healed based on damage done. I also heard SSR Misaki is a very good damage dealer. Don't have SSR inase but defense reduction on basic skill seems very strong. Additional you get 100 inase inscriptions (dup material for awakening) from novice missions so I personally don't think a SSR damage dealer is super important. Overall if you're new Id suggest you reroll on the normal summon not the limited summon since mage Eileen is just so bad. Running with healer Eileen (SR healer probably works too but don't know which other character is the healer since I didn't get any), SR Inase, SR Cartilla, and whatever SR tank/support character you can get seems very good.