Rise of Eros Tips and Tricks for the Fantasy

Rise of Eros is a turn-based gacha H-Game that came to the market not long ago. The game is surprisingly packed with action and turn-based base combat that you will not see in many H-game like this. There are certain complaints about the game, the most significant of which is that you require an excessive amount of stamina to do battles and event tickets to do special events, and it is kind of hardcore. So to progress in the game, you will need all the help you can get; that's why we created this Rise of Eros tips guide.

Since you are looking for Rise of Eros tips, we think that you have already played the game, and have a good understanding, so we are not going to bore you with introducing the game, but if you are new, check out our Rise of Eros Beginner Guide where we talk about all the things you should know as a beginner.

As stated by the game's art director, the game uses cutting-edge technology and a custom shader. The game's atmosphere and player investment will increase, and the character's motion will feel more organic as a result. Using Memory Mode and Free Mode, you can experience unprecedented depths of immersion and interaction.


Rise of Eros Tips on Personas


This section will list all the Rise of Eros tips you should know about Personas. Personas mean the heroes you deploy into the battle. In the beginning, you will only have Mechas in your squad, but later, when you have girls, the Mechas are the worst thing you can pick for your squad. It does not matter if your girls are not the best heroes. You have to use them in your squad because they will outperform any Mechas you will get.

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Personas/Heroes have level caps that depend on your account level. You will be able to pass this cap by transcending after you reach level 20. You have to buy the material needed to transcend from the daily shop, the missions that say it drops these materials actually do not drop any. So if you are just starting, try to get them daily from the shop. Remember to avoid leveling your Mecha personas because they are garbage.


Evolving Personas


Then you have the option of evolving your personas. by evolving personas, you can increase the rarity of it, and it will increase the stats of the personas. R persona is the lowest you will have, and you can evolve them till UR.


You will see a "+" next to each persona rank, and clicking on them will allow you to do the awakening of the personas. In order to do the awakening, you will need inscriptions, AKA dupes. Each level of awakening will boost the stats and will allow you to improve your Persona's skills. You can use the SRs you get to do this process.

Rise of Eros Tips on Gearing Your Personas


Picking Gears



These Rise of Eros tips are obvious if you are not new to mobile gaming, but these are intended for players just starting since H-games attract many genres of new players. So the first thing you have to know when you are choosing gear is to always go for the higher tier level gear since they will always give you better stats; same for the rarity, SR is always better than R gear.


Every gear has bonus and base stats; when you get the same type of gear, you only have to compare their bonus stats and pick the one with better bonus stats. Usually, when you are gearing DPS heroes, you can ignore the gear that has defense bonus stats and choose one with crit, crit bonus, or anything that increases the damage.


Set Bonus


Rise of Eros's gears all belong to different sets, and when you put on two, four, or six gears from the same set, you get a set bounce. For example, if you wear two pieces of the crit boons set, you'll get a 4% crit bounce. If you wear four pieces of the set, you'll get an 8% crit bounce. In this way, you'll get set bounce based on how many pieces of the set you wear. But you don't always have to go for the full set bounce. If you have three pieces, you can pick the two that give the most bounce and go for the other sets.




Relics are the ones you equip with your personas. These relics give your squad an elemental and stat boost when they are equipped. Rise of Eros tips that you should remember is to change the relics according to the stage.



When selecting a stage, look at the upper right side corner of the tab that shows the stage reward. You have to equip relics that match it or relics that are not weak to it. For example, if it is water, you will have to avoid using fire relics. General elemental weakness is as follows.


fire> wood>Ground>water>fire.

You should try to remember this.


Rise of Eros Tips on Leveling Relics


Unlike gear, you will need other relics to level up the relics. When you use them, there is an amount of XP given from one relic; for example, R relics give 150 XP; if the relic you are leveling needs 1500 XP, you are going to need ten R relics to upgrade it, using SR relic will give you 700 XP and you can upgrade it with tow.



All relics will have a 15 level cap to increase it to the max(30) you need dupes. Every dupe will increase the level cap by three levels. Rise of Eros tips for leveling relics is that when upgrading relics, focus on leveling R relics first because they are the easiest to level. This method is better because you also have to level up relics for all other personas, so it would be easier to proceed this way.


Not just that, a maxed-up R relic and SR relic don't have much difference, so it is better to go with R relics first, and once you have equipped all your personas with maxed-up R relics, then go for SRs.



Ignore the Tank


When you play through, there will be battles where you have to fight well-armed tanks on the other team. If you don't use auto-battle, you'll see that they do the least damage, but it will take so many turns to get rid of them. When you run into this kind of unit, switch from auto-battle to manual mode and focus on killing the DPS unit first. Once that's done, you can turn auto-battle back on and let the game handle the rest.


Extra Rise of Eros Tips


  • You should never sell your old equipment because you can use your old equipment to upgrade the new equipment, so selling them will be a waste.


  • If you can't clear a stage, you should try to do the hard mode of the previous steps because hard modes drop better gear, which will help you get stronger.


  • Always aim for the three stars because it will reward you with deity tickets and more coins and gems.


As we've already said in this guide, the game's art style is best experienced on a bigger screen, and LDPlayer 9 is the best way to do that. Furthermore, using LDPlayer 9 allows you to take advantage of its many tools to play the game with style.