Cherry Tale Beginner Guide and Walkthrough for All New Players

Since it is an H-Game, you will not be able to get it through the play store; instead, you will have to go to the official website of the game and download it. Through this guide, we will show you the basics of the game and some tips to help you have more fun

Throughout Cherry Tale, you'll see some of your favorite fairy tale characters, but each one has a sinister and intriguing backstory. You'll find that the villainous Captain Hook isn't that horrible after all and that Little Red Riding Hood is actually the one on the hunt for the wolf. As an H-game, either you will find that it hardly beats around the bush; from the get-go, you'll be bombarded with H-sense and naughty images. So play at your own risk and only in a very private setting.


Heroes of the Cherry Tale


You will be able to unlock some heroes through the Cherry Tale’s gatch system, and others will become available to you as you continue through the game. Heroes are the game’s primary focus, and all of the game's narratives revolve around them. As you progress through the game, you will see that there are two kinds of heroes: monsters and girls.

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You should under no circumstances spend your resources or upgrade the monster heroes since even in the highest rarity, they will not be able to surpass the female heroes, and you also cannot build affection with them, which prevents you from receiving the benefit that comes with it.

If you are curious about what happened to the copies of your existing heroes that you get through the gacha, you should know that, unlike in other games, you will not be able to keep those copies in stock. Instead, any new copies of heroes that you obtain will be merged with the heroes that you already have and increase their star level.


Things to know about Hero Skills

When you have accumulated enough magic power and click on the skill, you will activate the abilities that are associated with each of the heroes. These abilities are divided into four categories: active skills, passive skills, extreme skills, and technique skills.

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When a hero's normal attacks reach a predetermined number, the hero will automatically execute an ability without drawing into their magical power to do so.In addition to that, certain heroes in the Cherry Tale have skills that complement each other's attacks.


For instance, Mariani's Grenade launcher gives enemies the "Burn S" stats; after using that skill, if you use the Flame of war attack of Noctis, it causes the enemies to explode if they have the bun stats.


The only thing you have to do to give your heroes more skills is to rank them up. When you reach a higher rank with a hero, you will be able to raise their base numbers and unlock the next talent that hero has.


The most important reason to do this is not that you can unlock skills and stats but that you will get new, more powerful active skills that will make your life easier.


What is Skill Pursue?


Same as what we talked about above, when your heroes attack, element effects are left behind. You can tell this by looking at the dots in the hero's skills.


If the dot on the skill is filled up, it means that the enemy you are targeting is in one of these states and using that skill will activate a finisher and will do more damage to the chase. Following are the state and their finishers.


  • Shatter --> Petrify
  • Ice Break --> Freeze
  • Detonate --> Ignite
  • Overload --> Electrocute
  • Sanction --> Judgment
  • Abyss --> Ebon


The Affection System of Cherry Tale


The affection system lets you do the most important thing in the game, which helps you reach the main goal of playing Cherry Tale. To get the hero you want to like you more, you have to give them a lot of gifts. Passing the first level won't be too hard.

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All you have to do is give them a gift, but it should be their favorite gift so that they'll like you more quickly. When you reach your affection goals, you'll get naughty stuff or gems as a reward. Once you reach level 1, you can go to the contracts section to unlock a puzzle.


You can do this by buying packs or completing good-feeling missions. Once you've solved the puzzle, you can play the tutoring game. Through that, you can earn more affection points and help you to get more intimate with your heroes. When you increase the affection with your heroes, their skills and what they can do gets better automatically.


This helps you to have more powerful heroes and achieve the main goal of playing the game. For a tutoring mission to go well, you have to be able to touch more than one spot at once, and you have to do it as quickly as you can.



Building an Effective Team

The next thing you need to know about heroes is that each one of them belongs to a distinct class, and you need to take this into consideration when choosing which heroes to include on your squad.

When putting together a team, you really need to have at least one hero with a support occupation. This is because these heroes will either aid your squad deal more damage by giving them buffs or they will heal your other heroes.


The first hero you obtain belongs to this category, and you should make every effort to put her to good use. The Bastion class is the one you will need the most after that because they are excellent at taking damage and will assist you in achieving some three-star objectives, such as winning all of the fights without losing anyone.


Above are the two most important classes you should include in your party, then you can add a class like Vanguard if you want the support of debuffs. If you are in an area where you are fighting a lot of monsters at once, you should pair the Marksman class with the Bombard class.


Marksmen typically have the ability to stun enemies, and Bombards are the most effective at delivering area-of-effect attacks. In addition, Bombards come with skills that deal additional damage to stunned enemies.


You need to have at least one of each class on standby so that you can combine and switch between them to take on the difficulties that the game will throw at you. If you want to finish the Cherry Tale more quickly and easily, you should do this.


Things to Know About Equipment


Just like heroes, there are a few types of equipment: Epic, rare, superior quality, and common. Epic gear is the best you can get, while common gear should be thrown away. How many base stats equipment has will depend on how rare it is.

Common will only have the health stat, and superior will have the extra one stat. In the same way, as the rarity of improved equipment goes up, it will have better stats that each class can use. When manually equipping gear, you should use gear that fits the hero's class and rarity.


For example, a Bastion will do better with more endurance gear, while a Support will do better with spirit gear. However, when gearing an SSR, you should use their unique gear, which you can get through the Equipment gacha. When heroes use their specialized weapons, they can use their special skills and some auto skills that improve their overall performance.



We are now at the conclusion of our tutorial for Cherry Tale beginners; therefore, we would like to express our gratitude for reading it in its entirety. It would appear that Cherry Tale is an entertaining game that will elevate your pulse rate in a way that is physically beneficial. Once you get started playing the game for real, we are certain that our Cherry Tale guide will prove to be helpful. Have a nice day.