Star Finders

Star Finders

I always have this strange dream...

A long, weightless sensation, blinding light, throbbing headache, and... a beautiful girl smiling mischievously between my legs!

Um... she has a great figure! Her conversational skills are great... her deep...

Then... she seemed to say something strange, but I couldn't make out a single word.

And you know what's most annoying? Every time I try to turn over and get on top of her, she manages to escape!

Then... I wake up, frustrated and unsatisfied!

It's really infuriating!

Fueled by the desire that can't be released, I want to fight! Conquer! Crush everything that stands in my way!

Whether it's artifacts or divine armor, they're all within my grasp!

Filled with an insatiable emptiness, I want to dominate! Possess! Ravish the alluring beauty beneath me!

Whether they're cute or mature, they'll all become part of my harem!

Indulging in freedom, unrestrained!

This is who I am!

With a variety of entertaining and strategic gameplay!

It's both thrilling with the excitement of drawing cards and challenging with strategic battle formations!

Five different attributes, countless cards with unique p
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Star Finders