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The world is struck by a catastrophe caused by mysterious extraterrestrial meteorites.

This catastrophe brings a dreadful viral infection to humanity, pushing them into extreme darkness.

A mutation in the infected leads to severe mental disturbances, causing immoral behavior.

The viral infection is incurable, and the number of infected individuals continues to rise.

The world plunges into debauchery and chaos, with the impending collapse of civilization...

Humanity must swiftly determine the source of this catastrophe and seek ways to preserve their civilization!!!

Mysterious crystals, known as "Primal Stones," appear in the affected areas. They have a suppressive effect on the virus and provide energy for technology, serving as a crucial competitive resource for survival.

As the infected organization, the "Black Serpent Club," fuels worldwide debauchery, a secretive organization called "City of Hope" quietly emerges to counteract them.

You, as a new member of the "City of Hope" organization, have the mission to track and control the infected, uncover the truth behind the catastrophe, and save civilization.

Mission! Begin at once!
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